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About Edward

Your bodies are getting closer, your eyes are fixed on each other, and your increasing desire is making you a bit hazy. You feel how his penis is raising rapidly, throbbing, and ready to break free out of his jeans. You cannot tear yourself away from Edward’s torso, clinging to his muscular body and feeling the hardness of his chest muscles and flat abs. This moment is fantastic, and you don’t want it to end.

Edward is one of the best sex dolls for masturbation, presented on our website for sale. Made of durable, still elastic material, this model perfectly imitates the figure of a real young man or a teen guy with a stiff penis.

Large selection of use cases

Thanks to its flat base, this doll is an excellent option for many variations of use in the “woman on top” poses. You may choose either the traditional cowgirl position, or reverse cowgirl, Asian cowgirl, squatting, alley, and so on. In addition to pushing your pussy on Edward’s dick, you can do the same with your ass. However, remember that this activity can be done only by applying a water-based lubricant to the doll’s penis first. This requirement will help you to avoid discomfort and injury because Edward’s penis cannot be called of small size at all, and without the lube, it can cause trauma.

Blowjob fans also can do what they love with this luxurious masturbator. Besides, if you feel that you lack experience in this delicate matter, you can hone your skills on the long and thick member of Edward.

Many men (although women too) have such sexual fantasies as a threesome. If you have a regular partner who shares your views on this issue, you are fortunate. However, only a few people make up their minds on this experience in real life. Firstly, finding a suitable third player in your well-coordinated team is not so easy. Secondly, letting a third person into your bed means risking the wellbeing of your relationship. So, if you want to try threesome sex, maybe it makes sense to buy male torso sex toys first? After all, it does not threaten your relationship, but you will get the desired experience.

And here is another one scenario of using this realistic half body sex doll. Even though its primary purpose is to satisfy desires during female masturbation, it is also well suited for male experiments. Even straight men sometimes have thoughts about the anus and prostate stimulation. In this case, a 16 cm Edward’s penis, with all its veins, head, and testicles with small wrinkles, can be useful to you.

Flexible and reliable material

This sex doll is made of medical grade TPE materials that is rather cheap but high-quality material. It’s characterized by strength and elasticity. It is suitable for the recreation of the smallest details and bends of the human body. That is why TPE is often used to make toys for adults.

Key Features

❤ A large textured penis with wreaths, a naturalistic head, and a urethral hole.

❤ Realistic details-Testicles with fine wrinkles.

❤ Carefully crafted muscle lines.

❤ Flat stomach with abs.

❤ Pronounced pectoral muscles.

❤ Flat base for conveniently fixing the doll on a flat surface.


❤ Total length: 21.26

❤ Total height: 10.24

❤ Shoulder width: 14.17

❤ Hip width: 11.42

❤ Stem length: 6.3

❤ Weight: 18.3 lbs

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